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Indore Christo Province

Christo Province, Indore (M.P)

Khrist Bhavan

Asrawad Marg


Indore Dt , M.P.


PH: 07312874270

Mob: 09425369307

Email: - christoregion@yahoo.in


Name of Provincial Superior: Sr.Roslin

Councilors: - Sr.Shanti


Treasurer: -   Sr.Dhanya


Secretary: -    Sr.Lis Maria

        He said to them Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation (Mk.16:15)

           Indore and Khadwa (Nimad) area were occupied by Franciscan missionaries from abroad. As they left India the church in this area was without shepherds to lead and guide them. Seeing the opportunity to step into the mission work Bishop Francis Simon SVD approached CMC Mother General Mother Celine. Forseeing the need of the church Mother Celine entrusted this task of taking up a mission in Burhanpur, to the then Provincial of Nirmala Province, Trichur, Mother Patience.

                The history of Christo Region Indore dates back to the year 1965 when the first mission station Pavanatma, Burhanpur was opened as the first child of CMC of Nirmala Province, Thrissur, in the soil of MP. The pioneers of this first mission were Sr.Nicholas, Sr.Joshua and Sr.Sanitas. They arrived in this Mugul city on 3rdNov.1965with the fervor of missionaries.It was on 2nd February 1995 that, the long cherished dream of Jai Christo Province, Palakkad , an off shoot of   Nirmala Province, came true.  The new region Christo Region was formally inaugurated on 23rd June, 1995 by Sr.Rosula, the Asst.Superior General.

              Through the medium of education church became the uniting bond between the two main cultures in Burhanpur, Hindus and Muslims. By educating their children, the church could enter into their lives, opening their hearts to the Christian values. As a result we had to open the second English medium school at Nepanagar in 1967: Though we had to close it down due to some problems, the parish church of Burhanpur came into existence on 16 December 1973 which is a landmark in the history of the church in Burhanpur. In the land bought for the convent adjacent to the parish church the second convent of Region, Khrist Nivas,  Burhanpur was blessed on 10th July1975. Formerly it was intended for some social work programmes, but seeing the felt need of the people a pre-primary school was started and eventually a regular Higher Secondary English medium School came in to existence.

            The growth of the church in Burhanpur was slow and steady. Now it is a parish fully alive and active. People are regular in receiving sacraments,joining in church activities and charitable works.  It is a closely knit community and everyone takes an active interest in all activities of the church.  Sisters give regular catechism; do the preparation for holy mass and sacraments. Regularly visiting the house they attend to the spiritual needs of the people. Youth activities are alive and they take part in national and international events. Adult baptisms, rectification of marriage, charismatic retreats etc are arranged often. A small Christian village of tribals is formed by those families who have come to the city seeking work.By this time our missionary work was spread to Pandhana, a village about 60km from here. During summer holidays sisters used to go there to prepare the faithful of Pandhana Parish for sacraments, rectification of marriage etc. Hence a convent was started there in 1975. Besides running a Hindi medium School, a tribal hostel and dispensary were also established.

            At the request of Bishop George Anathil, then Bishop of Indore , we started a convent in Tillore 25 km away from Indore. There we run a hostel for both girls and boys and engaged in active village work and a dispensary. Now an English Medium School also is started by the Diocese and the sisters have taken up its management. But up to this time no catholic community exists there. But they were making missionary tours to other catholic villages like Semli, Udaynagar etc until the arrival of other congregations there.

            Our first convent in Malwa Region, St.Thomas convent, Mandsaur was established in 1984 as per the request of the public there for English education .Since majority of staff members were from Kerala along with the school the church also began to grow. As a result a well organized parish was established in the same compound and a beautiful church was built with the co- operation of the fathful.Jhabua diocese came into existence in the year 2002 as an offshoot of Indore Diocese. Besides teaching, pastoral work and village visits are carried out by our sisters in this mission. Now Mandsaur is a place where more than 60 catholic families are settled from Kerala in Jhabua district.  Local church is flourishing year by year and sisters take great interest in BCC prayer, house visiting, faith formation of people etc.

            Sevalaya, Panigoan convent started in the tribal area was a new venture begun under Indore diocese. More than pastoral care the overall development of the tribal community was its aim. Education, health care, womens empowerment and  social justice awareness programme etc are carried out .The villagers were made educated and empowered .Together with this the development of two catholic communities was also taken place  at Jilwani and Ashakedi. Kathegoan is a village about 40 km away from Panigoan. A  convent was started there in 1999, owned by the Diocese of Indore. A second convent was opened in the diocese of Jhabua in Manasa in 1999.Its main aim was  to run an English medium school. Along with that, sisters showed keen interest to find out the scattered faithful going far and near villages and bringing them together for liturgical services, teaching religion and preparing them for sacraments. By marriage rectification new families are added to the flock. A slow and steady growing parish is coming up in this mission.

            CMCs entry into this area was into the Diocese of Indore .It is interesting to note that we grew along with the diocese rather the diocese grew along with us. Now the Indore diocese has two powerful daughters Khandwa and Jhabua.Thus the growth of the church is clearly visible in the number of faithful, institutions, charitable and apostolic works .Though our share is meagre our spirit rejuvenates and enlivens the church here.