• Final Profession of 2019-2020 batch August 13,2020
  • Academic Year 2020-2021 Inauguration August 1,2020
  • CMC widens her mission internationally- Iraq, Peru etc.
  • Carmel Jyothi Vidyabhavan in her Golden Jubilee Year (2019-2020)

Apostolate of Social Uplift

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Apostolate of Social Uplift

Social Uplift Programme

St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara an altruistic man is well known social reformer of the Kerala society of 19th century. He dedicated himself to uplift the down trodden of the society in different ways and means. Following the footsteps of our founder father CMC sisters dedicate themselves to the integral growth of the people at peripheries.

Sisters engaged in social uplift apostolate aim at the good of the individuals as well as society, and confirm the systematic programmes and welfare of the poor and the marginalized, seeing the bruised face of Jesus in the other.

Social Welfare Activities

Various projects for the destitute and the socially marginalized - Crèches, Day-care centres,  Homes for the aged, City Evangelization, Jail Ministry, care for HIV/AID patients etc.

Mental Asylum, Institutions for AIDS patients, Short Stay Home, Home for the elderly, Day Home, Home for street children, Home for the differently abled, Activities for migrant workers, etc.

Formulation of Clubs for children as a part of protecting the children’s right, Railway platform study centres, Rehabilitation of Alcoholic and drug addicted  children who are on the street, slums, colonies etc.

Providing different types of counseling assistance for people.

Developmental Activities

Activities aiming at the empowerment of women, children and youth in the village and city arenas.

Formation of Self Help Groups (SHG) for women and men.

Developmental activities co-operating with social workers and associations to set free the women suppressed by social evil.

Eco-friendliness and Protection

CMC sisters work in collaboration with government authorities and agriculture department, to foster ecological protection and environmental fellowship.

The following points are to be taken into consideration for ecological fellowship and protection.

Promotion of organic farming through the usage of organic manure and  pesticide; formation of Farmers’Association; exchange of technical knowledge in this area etc.

Protection of soil, water, power, trees etc., construction and promotion of Rain harvesting scheme etc.

Conserving energy from the natural resources- usage of solar, biogas etc.

Not leaving the earth barren, but making it suitable for cultivation.