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The richness of our heritage springs out from the fountains of Indian culture, spiritual traditions of the St. Thomas Christians and Carmelites’ legacy. The heritage of Carmel is its deep prayer life. There is no Carmel without prayer and there is no prayer without silence and solitude. Prophet Elijah who burned with zeal for the Lord, God of Hosts, St. Simon Stock who enjoyed special protection from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Teresa of Avila who lived in constant intimacy with the indwelling guest, and St. John of the Cross who reached the heights of prayer are sublime models in Carmel for a life of union with God in prayer. In constant intimacy with the indwelling Holy Trinity, everything becomes sacramental, a visible sign of the power and the presence of God. This spirituality of Carmel is handed down to us by our founding fathers who imbibed this heritage from the saints of Carmel, who are the sources of our spirituality

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