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Social work

Abstract Background

In the second half of the nineteenth century our Founder Father marked the beginning of social revival programmes with a vision beyond time, to light up before the world the face of Christ, the total liberator. Following the example of St Kuriakose Elias Chavara we discover new methods and programmes to lead individuals and families to self-sufficiency and implement them with prudence and generosity. We are always be awakened by a strong sense of social consciousness. When we do social work, collaborating with the government and other social organizations, to create ‘a new society,’ we are conscious of the mind of the Church and are prepared to preserve the charism of our Congregation.

We ventured into the field of the Care of the Destitute by opening an orphanage attached to our first house at Koonammavu. Bearing in mind the exhortation of our Founder Father, “do not ridicule the poor,” we provide loving care and concern to the destitute and the neglected in the society.   With farsightedness, we launch schemes and projects to see that the future of those who receive our service are safe and secure.

Abstract Background


Community Based Organizations


Counselling Centres


Rehabilitation Centres


Social Welfare Centres


Vocational Training Centres

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The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.

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