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Abstract Background

In order that all may believe and be saved, the Lord entrusted to the Church the mission of proclaiming the Gospel to the entire world. To fulfill this commandment, the CMC missionaries move into those lands where the Gospel has not yet reached. The duty of the missionary is therefore to proclaim Jesus Christ, to bear witness to him, by leading everyone to the Church and thus to extend the Kingdom of God.

Proclamation and Witness

Proclamation and witnessing are the two dimensions of missionary life.. All the missionary activities are directed to this proclamation, because it is the matter of eternal salvation of mankind. The decisive factor of our life of witnessing as missionaries is to present the experience, “it is the Lord” (Jn  21:7) to others through our words, actions and service.   This witnessing is manifested through our life of holiness and our zeal for the salvation of souls. In the life of a missionary, the milieu for the proclamation of the Good News and for a life of witness may not be always favourable. To bear witness to our faith in Jesus Christ, we may have to sacrifice our life. 

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