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CMC is founded mainly for the Christian formation of people, especially of women and children. To enthrone Jesus in the hearts of everyone is the core of it. We enlighten the laity in their apostolic responsibility and help them to carry it out with genuine zeal and love for Christ, so that Christian transformation of the whole world may be achieved through them.

Proclamation of the Word

It is one of our prime means of faith formation. 

Parish Apostolate

Our parish apostolate is the pastoral service we render in collaboration with the parish priest in various parish activities. Our aim is to lead the people of God to Jesus Christ, by giving leadership in prayer, teaching catechism, cooperating with the liturgical services and activities of pious associations


One of the best ways for Christian formation is Catechism. CMC Charism compels each CMC sister to dedicate herself for this apostolate. Through it CMCs are called to lead the people to the fullness of life and to the experience of Jesus Christ that helps them to proclaim, “we have seen the Lord” (Jn 1:41).

Family Apostolate

Our founder St Kuriakose Elias Chavara set an indelible seal in the field of family apostolate by his advice called “Last Instructions of a Good Father” which reveals the true nature of a Christian family known as the “domestic Church.” In the family renewal programme, he introduced family prayer, retreats in parishes and devotion to the Bl. Mother. Following his example, we try to lead all the families to Jesus the hope of humanity and the answer to all problems.

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